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    Use this page to access & download the latest forms and documents from NAVRA.

We do our best to keep the below library of forms as up-to-date as possible. If you have trouble downloading a form, a form is missing, or you see a form that needs to be updated, please contact us at We are here to answer any questions you may have.

To date, NAVRA has produced several documents including:

  1. Vehicle Extrication Challenge Handbook
  2. Vehicle Extrication Complex Handbook
  3. NAVRA Challenge Rules

We regularly update our website with new techniques, advances in equipment and vehicle safety systems, and advances in patient care.

Extrication Challenge Rules
Extrication Technical Scoresheet and Guidelines
Extrication Standard Medical Scoresheet and Guidelines
Extrication Scenario Guide
Complex Medical Extrication Scoresheet and Guidelines
ALS Competition Scoresheet Icon
Official Sponsorship Brochure
Rescue Challenge Registraion Form
Official Bid Form
Rapid Intervention Team Challenge Rules Document
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