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Why Join Navra?

NAVRA is open to all emergency medical, fire service and law enforcement professionals that are in good standing throughout North America and the World. NAVRA membership is also open to our valuable sponsors and partners who make our work possible. These include rescue tool manufactures, auto manufactures, insurance companies, tow company operators, and other emergency service organizations.

When you join NAVRA, you are automatically eligible to apply for our rescue challenges, have access to our training resources, and become part of an incredible nationwide network of extricators and rescue supporters. We hope you join NAVRA today.

Benefits to Your Organization

Introducing our “Challenge Concept” to your organization’s training and operations has numerous advantages:

  • Develops a Safety-First attitude among all rescuers
  • Encourages a higher and more proficient level of pre-hospital care
  • Develops the systematic approach to Incident Command
  • Stimulates ingenuity in terms of skill, practices & equipment techniques
  • Designs an agreed code of Best Practices both Nationally & Internationally
  • Opportunities to participate in annual challenges both regionally and nationally (extrication & trauma scenarios) including skills development days.
  • Provides an arena where skill levels can be assessed and maintained by top professionals across the globe
  • Enables North American teams to take place in the World Rescue Challenge

Types of Membership Available


Complete the online application and remain in good standing to access this no-cost membership, with which you can ask questions and request further information, but not vote. All students that participate in NAVRA classes will be considered Inactive Members.

Active Member

Obtain this membership by completing the online application, being in good standing, and paying an annual $30 fee. You’ll receive one vote during organizational votes and eligibility to become an instructor, assessor, and event organizer. This membership level is required to participate in Rescue Challenge events

Active Instructor/Assessor

Must work as a NAVRA instructor or be an Assessor during Rescue Challenges, pay the $30 annual fee, and remain in good standing to acquire this membership. Receive one vote during organization votes, access to all NAVRA-approved educational material, and the ability to participate in NAVRA training sessions and rescue challenges.

Active Organization/Team

This membership level requires that your pay a $150 annual fee and remain in good standing. Gain one vote during organizational votes, access to all NAVRA-approved educational material, and the opportunity to request fundraising assistance through NAVRA’s charitable tax deductible status. Contact NAVRA for more “team funding” details.

Active Vendor/Sponsor

A single Vendor or Sponsor that is active and in good standing will be allowed membership. Vendor/Sponsors will have no voting rights. See Vendor/Sponsor section for more details.

Our sponsors are vital.

Sponsorships not only provide your company with a niche platform of the nations’ top fire teams, they serve a greater purpose. Our sponsors enable NAVRA to fulfill its mission to generate awareness for and train first responders in extrications.

Please consider partnering with NAVRA today.

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